Face of Canada is changing..Know Thy Customer

Face of Canada is changing so is our consumer mix, with the influx of over quarter million newcomers every year. Canada’s Ethnic population is estimated to grow to over 30% by the year 2030 which presents great opportunities but no less challenges either.

  • We wrote the book on marketing to “Ethnics” and how to reach them
  • “Know Thy customer” is the key. Understand their buying and consumption behaviour, brand loyalty etc. Impact of cultural, social, language and religious beliefs impacting their behaviour.
  • Understanding the diversity within diversity..
  • How to reach them and communicate with them effectively
  • Understanding First generation, second generation and “more educated and affluent” current newcomers.

Diversity within diversity

Understanding diversity
Communication..”Cultural differences”
Food.. the common link..
Differences and Similarities
Great opportunities


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